Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Channeling my inner Latina...

Hahaha...that's a laugh. I'm about as Latina as Tony Blair. Anyways. Mr. R requested that we make Cuban sandwiches, so that we did (with store bought mac salad on the side - v. fancy).

First, we fail to turn our picture around AND put mustard on some hoagie rolls

Then Swiss cheese

Then some grilled pork - well, only on his - I didn't really feel like pork.

Then ham (HAM!)

Then slices of dill pickle

Then onto the panini press

And served so daintily sliced with the mac salad

I really like these sandwiches - I know the mustard will horrify some (you know who you are) - plus the pickle and what not. But I think they are kind of tartly refreshing.

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