Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meatball superheroes

I set aside a some meat to make meatballs last week and last month had been inspired to modify my recipe by a Wellfed post on the topic. I could not do away with onion and garlic in my meatballs, so I did not adhere to the Wellfed recipe in its entirety but I did adopt two elements - adding ricotta the mixture and flouring the meatballs before frying them. Both elements were excellent ideas and will become part of my normal meatball-making routine.

To make the meatballs, I first mixed 1 cup of ricotta cheese, a handful of parmesan, one egg, a splash of milk, about 1/3 c of seasoned breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, 1 1/2 tsp Italian seasoning, 2 grated cloves of garlic, and 1/2 of a grated onion. I let that sit for a few minutes to allow the breadcrumbs to soften. For the meat, I used slightly over one pound of ground beef, one-half pound of ground pork, and I randomly had about a quarter pound of ground lamb in the freezer from the gyro-making adventure, so I tossed that in (note to self - the lamb overpowered everything else, which wasn't horrible, but still, not what I was necessarily looking for). I gently mixed everything, then scooped out the meatballs and rolled in flour. Here we have some meatballs lined up awaiting their flouring, some already floured:Then eat meatballs got a lovely fry up in the skillet in a small amount of olive oil. I fried in about 3 batches, because I needed plenty of room so I wouldn't mush up the meatballs and so they'd get a nice crust. Then, they got added back into the sauce and cooked for...a while (v. technical) until we were ready to assemble the sandwiches. Cook until the meat is cooked through.For the sandwiches, I lightly toasted soft hoagie rolls, then layered on some smoky provolone, the meatballs, some more parm, then ran them through the oven again.They were served with corn, in the manner of a school lunch. But they were delish! The meatballs were VERY tender and held together well (I often have problems with my meatballs disintegrating). I was amazed at how light the meatballs were though, I think the ricotta really lightens them up! I highly recommend!

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