Monday, June 30, 2008

Vodka Still Works

So, I saw this recipe on a 30 Minute Meals about 4 months ago (or more) and it struck me then as something I'd probably like, but never got around to making it, even though we always have the 3 ingredients in the house.

Ginger ale, vodka, and bitters. By the way, I'd like to give a pitch for the Smirnoff Triple-Distilled. Smirnoff gets a bad rap among vodkas. But I really have to sing the praises of this triple-distilled version. To me, it is v. smooth, virtually undetectable in a mixed drink. And it is very affordable compared to the heavy hitters of Grey Goose and Ketel One. So, just wanted to throw that out there.
And here's the final drink - I LOVED IT. It wasn't too sweet, wasn't alcohol-y tasting, wasn't too bitter from the bitters. Just a very nice, refreshing drink. I've never come across a cocktail or other adult beverage I could see coming home and kicking back with on a frequent basis - but this one could be it (if I so chose). It was really delicious.


Anonymous said...

ah, drinking after work... welcome to my world

Elle said...

This drink IS good...a very refreshing apperitif if you will.