Monday, June 26, 2006

Gyros, take 2

After our last gyro experience, we knew we'd need a while before we made them again (since you get at least 3 meals out of them). But it was time yet again, so yesterday was a day of grinding meat. We ground beef for chili later in the week, pork for tacos, and the lovely leg of lamb for the gyros. Having tossed my bread pans after the liner started baking into the bread (mmm...metal shards....delicious!) I used a square cake pan to bake the loaf of meat and pressed the other square cake pan on top to smush the meat into a uniformly pressed loaf of meat.

By the way, these are the BEST pitas in the universe. Yeah, you'll pay a little more. And yeah, you'll have to remove your hand from the bag and force yourself to only eat one. But they are delish.

We needed lots of wedding booze to press this bad boy down (notice the world's biggest bottle of Jager):


eirishis said...

And that's about the only thing that Jager is good for.

motorpey said...

obviously, we should ahve been doing more jager bombs at the wedding!

Lawyer to the Stars said...

You can't see in the photo, but that bottle is only 1/4 full. Apparently, a sickening amount of Jager bombs were done.

Jules said...

gah. jager bombs suck.