Monday, August 11, 2008

The Business of Blogging

I fell into blogging very haphazardly - first, I had a somewhat random thoughts journal, then it was food, then a different format on food. Plus other random blogs that will remain nameless. I've always tried to be careful in terms of what published materials I cross reference or name, and I always give credit where credit is due. For example, if I rely on a recipe from Food Network or a cookbook, I try to always give a website link or some other reference to the media on which I relied. I thought that was fair - while it is true that I rarely adhere to a recipe, I felt my inspiration should be note. But perhaps that isn't enough, given Alosha's Kitchen's run-in with the publishing world....


eirishis said...
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eirishis said...

As I said in the email yesterday - Alosha was in the right. Ingredient lists, even when published in copyrighted materials, are not protected. If a blogger republishes an ingredient list, they have absolutely no obligation to cite the source of the list.

In other words - if she (or you) links to the original source, it's gratuitous. So if they respond to a gift with "take your post down", you can cite copyright law and tell them to sit on something sharp.

Of course, if in the course of my duties as an officer of the court, I need to represent one of the fine purveyors of such recipes ... well, get your popcorn ready for some C&D letters. ;-)