Monday, August 18, 2008

Queso! Ole!

Mr. R and I had a long day in the car driving to/from Cleveland to go see family and a ballgame. It was too much of a pain in the rear to go buy $12 nachos at the stadium, but the whole way home, I had nachos on the brain, so I had to make them once we got home. It was a late-night Olympics snack of sorts.

First, I browned about 1/3 lb zesty breakfast sausage:

Then added in my lovely and oh-so-natural looking Velveeta cheese:

Then some garden cherry tomatoes (see, it's healthy!)

And some sharp cheddar cheese:

It didn't have a lot of zip, so I added LIBERAL amounts of Frank's Hot Sauce:

Meanwhile, Mr. R prepared his latest addiction, the bacon-wrapped pepper poppers:

It was a v. tasty late night snack supper!

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