Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pasta - MacGuyver style

We had leftover asparagus from Ladies Night. I had pasta I'd been dying to use from Miss S. We had ever-present bacon and summer basil on hand. A pasta dish was in the making.

First, I cooked up some bacon in my trusty pasta dish pan.

Here's the pasta in question - very exciting.

And a pile of summer basil. I'd have added more, but there were two very territorial bees on the basil plants and were ticked off when I started to pluck leaves. I left them be. Get it, I let the bee be? Am so witty.

I cooked up three chicken breasts in the lovely bacon fat.

And onions and garlic as well. In goes the leftover asparagus!

Then back in goes the chicken and the cooked pasta. I added 6 tbsp of half and half and about 2/3 c of pasta water.

Here's a misty picture of the pasta - I added in a handful of pecorino romano cheese at the end as well. Yay!

The dish was a bit salty - I imagine I was heavy handed at various stages. It had good flavor, though the bacon was a bit overwhelming. I may add some frozen peas when we eat the leftovers. The sweetness of the asparagus and peas will cut through the salt.

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