Monday, April 07, 2008

Another gift of food!

On Friday afternoon, after a bizarre day at work, I arrived home to find this package on my steps. What could it be? It was strangely heavy and I wasn't really expecting anything, so I was perplexed.

I opened it and behold! The gift of pasta! How delightful! How exciting! Who sent this glorious gift?
Why Miss S in CO of course! It was a favorite of hers from her days living in a more easterly state. The box contained 5 pastas and 2 sauces from Rossi Pasta.

In case my schmall picture is hard to decipher, I got tomato basil garlic, wild mushroom, garlic, red wine, and spinach basil garlic pastas. And a jar of marinara and vodka sauces. I cannot wait to dive in!

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