Monday, April 14, 2008

MORE Buns of Joy

Yeah, I know I've blogged of the cinnamon buns many times. But this entry is a step by step into the bun-making...a tour of where the magic happens, etc. Plus, they are just so dang tasty, I wanted to make them again and take pictures. Because I love them!

So, you start with the butter, milk, sugar, salt mixture.
You let the sugar dissolve and the butter melt over low heat, until you are left with this yellow pool:Meanwhile, bloom your yeast in some warm (NOT HOT!) water. It looks v. beige and blah but smells divinely yeasty.
The ingredients are united! Slightly cooled butter mix, plus yeast, plus flour, plus eggs. Action shot on the dough hook.
Then, the mass must rise for an hour. Meanwhile, I made the filling. Here we have some lovely pecans, intact and full of life.I crush you pecans
And they are mixed with butter, sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, and a tiny bit of salt
Now the happily risen dough is rolled out to approximately 10x30 inches. Approximately, because, I'm not a good judge of length/width, etc.Then the filling is lovingly spread out on the dough and eventually rolled.
And sliced into buns, which have to rise again.You see, they get bigger. They want to touch each other in the pans.
Bake until golden brownI knew I was forgetting something. Those poor babies look naked. Mix powdered sugar with a dab of milk
And pour that oozing glory over your hot buns.
Seriously - what could be nicer on a cold, wet day?


Anonymous said...

You've blogged about them before... I've eaten them numerous times... but it can be said again-- delicious!

Anonymous said...

And look at that baking sheet... I want to scrape the extra icing off the pan... is that gross? should i have kept that to myself?