Monday, April 07, 2008

Sunday roast

Ah, another Sunday, another Sunday roast. Again, all per the monthly menu chart.

Here we have a lovely 3 pound eye of round roast, resting on a flavorful bed of onion, garlic, celery, and carrot. Some shallot salt and pepper and away we go.
And after some quality time in a 325 degree oven, here is Mr. Roast now. I let it go a bit long. I need a GOOD meat thermometer and apparently, a lesson in reading it.
A slice of meat, a blob of potatoes, some crazily green canned beans (Mr. R had a rough weekend)...what is missing?
Oh yeah, runny gravy. Mmm. Gravy.
Daisy got the celery and carrots from the roasting pan. As you can see, she shares her daddy's aversion to green things. She actually took them out of her bowl.

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Anonymous said...

This reminds me of home :) Ah, comfort food