Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stroganoff Magic

Prior entries regarding this lovely Crockpot stroganoff recipe are hereby updated in stunning detail (ha!)

First, we must mix key ingredients - mushrooms, onions, meat, and the always-present-in-a-Crockpot, cream of whatever soups. Here is it cream of onion AND the lovely cylindrical can of cream of mushroom.
Everything goes into the trusty red Crockpot. I heart you red Crockpot.
Here is the mixture prior to a day of slowly simmering...
And here we are after, a glimmer of fat on top.
Standing by are the dairy products - not for the faint-g.i.-tracted.
Blobs of cream cheese go in to melt...
Then the smooth sour cream goes in too...
Serve over some lovely noodles. A blah, brown dinner, but a tasty one.

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Anonymous said...

This reminds me of home and mom's cooking... another great comfort food