Monday, April 14, 2008

Fancy schmancy dinner

R and I decided that we needed a fancy dinner on Saturday night. We often decide this. We had a hunk of tenderloin in the freezer and that fancy pasta from Miss S. We decided to join the two. But first, I had to make a bernaise sauce for the beef.

First, I took some vinegar, white wine, salt, pepper, tarragon leaves, and green onions (I didn't have a shallot! I thought this would work sort of!) and heated them until the liquids had reduced.
Meanwhile, the egg yolks and more tarragon chill out in the blender.
You let the reduced wine mixture cool slightly, then add it to the egg yolks. Then blitz the mixture and slowly add in some hot melted butter. That's your sauce.
Here are the lovely filets, waiting to be griddled.
And here is the lovely pasta and sauce of choice for the evening. We knew the steak would take less than 10 minutes, and ditto for the pasta, so we started cooking the pasta once the steak was done cooking, so the meat would have time to rest. I will warn that the pasta's direction indicated a 2 1/2 to 4 min cook time, and it really took closer to 5 minutes - I like it as al dente as the next person, but crunchy is pushing the line.
Finalement. Steak...pasta...lovely marinara sauce....lovely bernaise (which R mixed with his pasta and said was delicious, randomly). R pointed out that the pasta looked like worms, which, of course, did me in on the pasta, but it was quite a delicious meal, worm-appearance notwithstanding.

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