Monday, April 07, 2008

Bistro part deux

I decided, per my monthly menu chart, to take another stab at French Onion Soup using my very wide electric skillet. I hoped to get a little more color on the onions this way. It was mildly more successful.

Here we have a lot of onions, ONE stick of butter, and some salt in said skillet.
15 minutes later.
25 minutes after that. We have more color. Then I added the flour, then the wine and vermouth as I did the last time. Salt, pepper.
I added some organic chicken broth and let it simmer for quite a while. I accidentally made it a bit too salty, but a side of crusty bread helps with that. Something still isn't quite right. Maybe I need to mix in a can of beef consomme or something as well.



Anonymous said...

I am just totally appalled you didn't use your own, homemade chicken stock. C'mon now!

J/k... this looks yummy. And I doubt it was too salty.. thats one of the best parts of French Onion soup

eirishis said...

First off, someone who loves you got you that skillet.

Second, why are you using chicken stock? Beef stock for the FO.

Finally, why yes, I am avoiding trial prep. How did you guess?

Wind Trapper said...

MY recipe called for chicken broth. I think I will do a mix the next time. I don't want it too beefy tasting though.