Monday, April 07, 2008

Brownie madness

Miss L's friend Miss K asked me to bring a dessert to the b'lette party over the weekend...I needed something reasonably easy but high on yum factor, so I quickly turned to the Outrageous Brownies I've made so many times before.

First, you have to melt a pound of butter and a ton of chocolate.
Meanwhile, I mixed the eggs, coffee, sugar, and vanilla.
The small amount of dry ingredients wait in the wings.
Here is the chocolate/butter mixture a few minutes later - one frozen butter stick refuses to melt.
Once the chocolate/butter mix has cooled, it is added to the egg mixture. Mmm. Pool of chocolate.
The dry ingredients are added, plus chocolate chips and nuts if desired, and the lot is spread into a jelly roll pan, or in my case, 2 9x13 pans.Once done, cool at room temperature then put into the fridge. This helps the brownies cut into nice, even squares. Then destroy the brownies.

I don't have a final picture - they got taken away to the b'lette party and some were destroyed. Then some were destroyed at home. Only carnage remains.


Anonymous said...

I could destroy a pan of those right now.

Anonymous said...

In fact, you could even skip the last couple of steps and leave it at "pool of chocolate"...