Monday, April 14, 2008

An in-depth look at chowder

Cheddar Corn Chowder, that is. And yes, I know I've blogged of it before. But it is good. And this is another meal from my monthly meal chart, so away we go!

Cook bacon. Away from dog.
Chop onions. Lots.
Cook onions in bacon fat and a bit o' butter.
Chop potatoes. Lots.
Meanwhile, add seasonings to onions - salt, pepper, and the much-needed tumeric, which adds a lovely color and scent.
Then flour - give the flour time to cook up.
Then we add chicken broth (from a box, as you can see)
Then we add back in the chopped bacon - the recipe says to leave it as a garnish at the end, but I like the bacony flavor.
Meanwhile, get the corn ready.
And the dairy products.
Add the corn and let the soup return to a bubble.
Add cheese in batches, let it melt. Then add in half 'n' half.
Let it bubble, then serve with some crusty bread. Boo..ya....

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